Foodies Delight

My latest love (if you weren't able to tell from my pumpkin post) is food blogs. They run the gamut from people visiting restaurants, to chefs posting their own recipes, to entire blogs devoted to candy. In my online perusing I stumbled across these delightful cupcakes from Vegan Yum Yum (see there was a connection to fashion in there).



  1. Hi. I really like your blog. The outfits that you put together are adorable. Just so you know, my doodles always end up being either stars or flowers or weird random squiggles, so I thought that your drawings were pretty awesome. Creative.
    Anyway... I see that you like vintage and retro clothes. Perhaps you would like my blog. It is called Thrifonista. We sell gently used retro and vintage apparel and all of our prices are negotiable. We are at I would love it if you stopped by... If you like it, we could link you. Or whatever...
    Thriftymama T

  2. I wish I knew how to knit
    i'm going to lern someday
    it's a goal!


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