Boys Don't Make Passes At Girls In Glasses

Glasses (outside of the fashion moment they are currently having, please acknowledge that it is a trend and an underground one at that to wear thick, geeky frames) have a stigma of unattractiveness and smarts attached to them. It is rather commonly believed that men prefer women without them. Given the option of contact lenses most people leap at the opportunity.

Geeky frames trend, via Facehunter
Why? Glasses can be used like headbands just like another accessory, so why are these so often seen as "ugly" and the people who wear them instantly judged by their glasses? Perhaps glasses are a sign of our flaws. When wearing them we are openly acknowledging our substandard eyesight, letting the world know we are not perfect. Subconsciously, this could be unattractive for the whole reproductive process, bad genes that will be passed on to the next generation!
Have you ever noticed that no leading ladies wear glasses? In television series the main female leads are not glasses wearers and if there are main ladies in glasses, they are always the geeky, non-vixen type. In Sex and the City a couple of the girls wear glasses but they always whip them off and away whenever an attractive male comes into view. None of the Gossip Girls wear glasses. Neither did the Gilmore Girls (though Lane was a happy exception to this rule!). In a transformation sequence, a girl usually goes from from geek to chic with the removal of glasses. Are glasses really so crippling and unattractive in romantic prospects?
Frames seen on the runways.
I must admit I am guilty of buying into this stigma. Whenever going out for a nice night or clubbing the glasses definitely disappear, although I don't have contact lenses, so this does mean my sight is rather limited...
At the same time, I have grown quite fond of these frames. They have come to be a part of my face. I've forgotten to remove them when going to bed or walking into the shower. Looking in the mirror without them the other day was also disorienting, I felt like part of my face was missing!
So, will we ever move on from this need for perfection and refusing to show our flaws--let alone trying to transform our flaws into beauty marks?



  1. I think glasses are adorable -- especially when you can find some really unique frames. Keep smiling and wearing those frames! :)

  2. I love my glasses because they have unique frames (and are thus a constant source of compliments), suite my face nicely, and add a hint of quirkiness to every outfit. Still, I can't help that feel they do me no favors when it comes to attracting guys. I wish that I didn't feel this way, but I can't help it...

  3. To be completely honest I have seen four girls. Of the four girls three of them had glasses just exactly like the glasses you wear--Thick, black rims and with a rectangular shap.

    I find them more attractive than any other type of glasses and I find them more times than not the women that do have glasses on posses the best qualities. They are the litterary and most responsive during conversation and such. They also tend to be the more loving of the bunch and I really like the way they turn out.

    I am not too sure if these girls are the ones that have been viewed the way as you explained in the post but I would only guess so because they have so much to offer when they are in a relationship. I always try to go after the most sophisticated girls in glasses because of these traits, like I said, and it always seems to pay off. They need love too, and I am not too sure about everyone elses oppinions but mine are wear the glasses, they are very appealing to atleast me.

    I will also state that I do not believe one should be judged by anything materialistic but rather by their heart and soul but this tends to happen more times than most *sigh*. The way a person looks is surely to attract an individual to them but when someone has glasses or a torn shirt you shouldn't shun them for their appearance but listen to what may be said from their heart and soul at the time. Because it may be talking straight to yours.

    Austin K. W.
    18, TN

    PS. I may be fairly youthful but I've seen a lot. I would like to say that I have been looking through your blogs but waiting for a special time to post. I saw the time as now so I wanted to tell you "Thanks" for such a wonderful blog you have cept. Keep up the good work because it is looking great.

  4. There's a stigma that comes with wearing glasses, and they are also such a pain. I am still waiting to be a candiate for surgery. But I love my frames, I have had the same ones for 2 full years, I feel like they are who I am now.

  5. I used to hate wearing glasses, probably because I've had bad vision since I was five. And children can be quite mean about glasses - the "nerd" stigma starts pretty early. In middle school, it was probably the combination of having glasses, braces, and early-onset puberty that did me in. So I jumped at the first opportunity I could get to wear contacts.

    Now I have a pair of cute frames I wear every so often (they're slightly cat-eyed, plastic and black in the front, and zebra-print on the side facing the eyes), but I still prefer contacts because they don't slip off my face, don't get smudged, I can wear them in the rain, and I always have peripheral vision. I really wish more leading ladies would wear glasses, though! I can't think of any good tv shows with lead women who wear glasses, and the only movie character that currently comes to mind is Enid from Ghost World (who prided herself on being an oddball anyways).

  6. I love my glasses. I have contacts but I never wear them because I feel naked without glasses. I've been wearing the same type of frame for about 6 years and I'm still not tired of the shape (thick, black, rectangular - they give my round face angles which I don't naturally have). I do dislike it when I see hipster kids who don't need glasses, wearing them, though I can't say why.
    This post reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in How to marry a millionaire - where she'd rather runaround blind than wear her glasses (of course, her future husband loved them so maybe girls shouldn't be shunning them!)

  7. Glasses can make people more attractive / look more interesting because their choice in glasses seemingly reveals something about their character.

    I think glasses are super sexy, and sometimes (foolishly) wish that I had blurrier vision so that I could wear cool glasses.

  8. When I see people, I don't register them as "glasses-wearer" or "no-glasses." I just register them as people. I like glasses, and I really enjoy people who take their glasses seriously, as fashion accessories, like you, and I wish more people took care to do that. It's fun to see people enjoying their glasses.

  9. I love that whole nerdy thing Luella had going on.
    I'm a total book worm/nerd at heart
    and I like being able to dress like that sometimes.
    its exhilerating

  10. I like glasses, but, since I got my first pair of glasses at age 7 and my contacts at age 12, I kind of associate glasses with being a child. Also, I personally find it more convenient to have contacts, because you don't have to wipe them off when it's raining and they don't fall off when you're doing something crazy.

    On the other hand, I do love librarian-chic and I think your glasses look great on you.

  11. what a wonderful post. I wear glasses, but i've totally come to believe that they ADD to my appearance rather than subtract from them. and they can be a fun accessory, and i'm loving the fact that they're a trend right now<3

  12. First of all, your post is really interesting.
    Personnally, I think glasses are lovely, and add a little bit of charm to he person who wears them.

    Your post makes me think of Marilyn Monroe's character in "How to Marry a Millionaire": she doesn't wear her glasses when an attractive man comes by, so she can't see what he looks like! But at the end she met someone who thinks women with glasses are attractive so she wears them. Plus she is beautiful, with or without glasses...

  13. I don't need glasses, but I still own a pair (circa 2002, Topshop, technically sunglasses because they stop UV rays but they're not dark). They look cool! But sadly, what girls find attractive, often guys do not. That said, in order for "bad eyesight" to have prevailed, surely a lot of people with glasses meet someone and have kids, so it's not all bad. You can't wear contacts all the time so they're not that repulsive :)

    I would totally go out with someone who wears glasses. For me, guys often look fitter (I think the closest word to "fitter" in "American English" is "hotter") in glasses!

  14. I do think most people unconsciously take it as a flaw sign, but I also reckon we're rapidly getting over that. Personally, I love a girl with glasses, I don't care about the frame. It shows she has personality and doesn't give a damn about what others may think. I have to wear glasses but, to be honest, I only do when I like them with my outfit or I feel like it. However, I am not ashamed or wearing them at all!

    Great post, unbelievable blog! ;)


  15. i don't wear glasses, which is probably a good thing as i don't really suit them (i try them on all the time in shops). BUT a lot of my friends wear glasses (girl mates) and they have some gorgeous glasses, and i think they can look sometimes even better with glasses, and i know guys agree. it can give a sophisticated, sexy look. also, there is this lad i like and when i saw a photo of him with glasses on... wow! he looked hot in glasses.
    i think glasses definitely have been associated with being geeky, or a nerd, but i really hope that changes! i do love the underground trend of huge frames, but don't think i could really pull it off sadly.

  16. I WISH I could wear glasses, but I always end up in my contacts because I run or teach aerobics daily and can't do either activity in glasses. :(

    Glasses are super cute! Maybe they don't show up on the big screen much because of the glare (studio lights) or because it's harder to see the actress' or actor's eyes.

  17. I've worn contacts since I was about five so I didn't really make a glasses to contacts transition... I don't think of one as more attractive than the other but just the convenience of contacts makes me favour them.... glasses slip off me and don't give me 20/20 vision....

  18. I have this big and nerdy black framed glasses myself and i wore it almost everyday earlier. I think it depends on how you wear it. Girls can definitely rock in glasses just like the pictures shown in your post=)

  19. i have glasses since i was 6,
    but i barley wear them, only when they look good with my outfit..

    i love glasses, but it doesn't suit everyone. i really don't care about the frame or the brand as long as they suit the persons face!

  20. I had glasses briefly in 4th grade. I wanted them and wanted them, much in the way kids sometimes want braces because friends have them, but quickly hated them and later didn't need them.

    But these days I'm starting to feel the eye strain, and seeing now so many adorable varieties of glasses makes me want some. My cousin just got a pair, and while his are a little too big for my face, I rather liked the effect.

    Funnily, my boyfriend (and now that i think of it, my dad also) loves women in glasses. The former tends to love the Tina Fey side of things, while the latter loves loves Rachel Weisz a la The Mummy.

  21. Interesting! I wear glasses and I hate having to wear them! Maybe I'd like them better if they weren't a necessity but an optional accessory. I have contacts, which I used to wear alot but my eyes are very tired recently so I stick with my glasses at the moment. I do actually like my glasses but I don't feel beautiful or attractive when I'm wearing them. I would never wear them going out.
    I always see those beautiful hipsters with thick rimmed glasses and wonder why it is I don't look like them. Probably because I'm not a stunningly beautiful model under the glasses, just an average girl!
    I really admire the way you wear your glasses and they do look cute on you. maybe i just need to start to think differently about my glasses!

    btw Susie I had no idea you could wear contacts so young. My parents wouldn't let me get contacts until I could pay for them myself - they thought contacts are a luxury... maybe even bordering on vanity!

  22. I think glasses are so cute; on both sexes!

    If I ever needed glasses, I know I'd wear them with pride!

  23. I think glasses are so cool to wear out to clubs, especially statement ones with dark frames. I don't wear glasses but I was actually looking for some with some clear frames to wear simply as a fashion item. Half the people at MisShapes have virtually the same pair...

  24. you know, it's SO true.
    I wear my geek glasses all the time.
    I happen to think it completes my outifts.

    but now that i really think about it.... I NEVER get hit on, or really even approached by guys... unless they're asking me if my glasses are fake.

  25. I love geeky glasses, when they are worn in the right way that is
    The title of this post makes me think of a Will & Grace episode where Jack is wearing glasses and after Will says to him 'Boys don't make passes at guys who wear glasses' he comes back with 'And Guys don't make passes at guys with fat arses'
    Sorry I'm a bit of a fan! hahah

  26. i love those glasses! and i love Hell's Kitchen.. i hit up all the flea markets on sats and sundays! you can speak japanesse? thats so cool haha and thats a really great find (the jacket)!

  27. im loving the title. so cute!

    i used to wear glasses, but i got contacts a few years ago. i love glasses, i just couldnt imagine myself having to wear them again.

  28. I definitely prefer wearing my contacts, I think they look better and are also more functional (I see better, less cleaning.)

    I have noticed a funny thing about my glasses. Ordinarily I think people find me less attractive in them, but when I go to 'artsy' or 'hipster' places in them I think I get checked out more. I guess it just goes to show that most 'groups' are image-conscious in their own way.

  29. My! It reminds me of that comment about my cousin :) I try to imagine your face without glasses, but it looks not half as pretty as it is now.

    I do agree with your observations, though. In my case, glasses totally won him over. So I guess, exceptions and all that jazz.

  30. some pple look good wearing glasses, I just don't happen to be one of them..haha...

    well, a long time ago, in one of the cool clubs in Singapore, a guy, did walk up to me and "adviced" me to lose the glasses...hahaha

  31. Once, when wearing my driving glasses, someone said I looked like my Mom.
    I haven't really worn them much since.

  32. Well, I think nowadays, glasses are becoming more of a fashion staple than ever, showing up on the faces of Chloe Sevigny, the Luella runway, and Cobra Snake hipsters alike. Which makes me feel better cause my vision is so bad I rely on my glasses for practically everything.

  33. some people just suit glasses, but some don't so i can understand getting lenses. and sometimes glasses are just not practical- for instance in some sports.

    however i've been wearing glasses ten years now and would not trade them for the world! although i like to get new pair once in a while :)

  34. I agree with the author of the above post. I'd be one of the ones who isn't suited to glasses. Even though I probably should wear them, I don't. Not only would I have to live in constant fear of a shattered lens (I deal with machinery frequently, and I've already had stitches in my right eyelid), glasses wouldn't go with my generally stand-offish and intimidating demeanor. Plus, I generally think of glasses as feminine...the authoress of this blog looks so adorable in her glasses!


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