Practicing My Stink Eye

I adore the artwork from Pop Pop Portraits for their detailed little outfits and how many of the characters remind me of people I know. What really slays me about the illustrations though are the sweet descriptions listed with each, like this one: "Edie is always being told she's a girly girl...sweet, lovely, adorable and even precious! Trying to shake off that image Edie went out and bought a tiger print clutch bag thinking it will make her look a bit more fierce. She's also been practicing "the stink eye" but I don't think she's quite got it!" That could be a description of me and how I also would (ineffectually) attempt to make people see me differently. With the reasonable prices in her shop as well, I'm sorely tempted to buy an easy half dozen and hang the whole gang together on my wall...

*all images courtesy of Pop Pop Portraits


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