The Scales Fall From Your Eyes

There are many myths and legends surrounding Parisian women, but this new set of images by the photographer Baudouin pulls back the veil on those ladies and opens our eyes to a colorful and diverse reality...which was entirely the point of Baudoin's work which is entitled I Am A Parisian Lady. All of the portraits are of "unknown" women of various backgrounds, occupations, and even ages;and the portraits are taken in their own homes. The site very intriguingly states, "Baudouin never looks at you. He tries to capture a hidden reality." With the quirky and unique poses each subject definitely projects a naturalism that is usually the result of being alone or only around close friends; they all look uniquely and wonderfully themselves. Which is inspiring on its own, as far as I'm concerned they could be from any city in the world...
all images courtesy of Baudouin


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