Chris Benz F/W 2011

One of my favorite collections of NYFW was Chris Benz. So many marvelous textures, patterns, and layers working together in witchy, wonderful vibe. I'll definitely re-visit this collection again and again for inspiration.

I was also fortunate enough to bump into Danny and David Roberts backstage and hear about some of their new projects. Seriously talented brothers.



  1. I love the plaid jacket, and I think it was a beaded cream jacket in there as well. There were a lot of designs I would have worn though. I love color, and a little quirkiness.
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  2. great colours! and omg...floral wedges! :D

  3. While they are beautiful, both the clothes and specifically the video footage, i find it really unnerving that the videos start when I go on your page, without clicking play or anything.

    I really do love your blog though, you have amazing style, and I hope my little criticism doesn't come off as mean.

  4. Hi Ness! No, I definitely understand how it is jarring & personally would never put auto-play music on the blog. There is a reason for the madness of the videos though & I have (on my only other auto-play vid, as this is only the 2nd time I've done it) & will continue to turn off the auto-play after it's been up for a day. Apparently beforehand people couldn't tell which were pictures & which were videos...just trying to eliminate some confusion. :)

  5. Love the heels! So cute!

  6. Oh, thanks so much for clarifying! I love your blog :)

  7. I love how you've been using sounds off the Marie Antoinette soundtrack for a couple recaps of the fashion shows you attended! Such a great soundtrack...

    And YES this whole shoe is definitely inspiration, the models and hair are stunning. Thank you for sharing! Love it!

  8. Really beautiful, well-done video. Chris Benz is one of my favorite designers and I loved being able to watch his FW'11 collection in such a unique way! Thank you!


  9. I love the video! It has been so great to see your coverage of all the NYFW shows!

  10. The shoes are just to die for. Like brilliant impressionist paintings for your feet. So good.

  11. gasp! the wedges! the frills! THE HAIR! loving the hair!!!!

  12. Goodness, this is why I love NY fashion week. You so many different ideals of style and it always reminds me that fashion is subject, creative, and fun.

  13. Those wedges are so fun! I can't tell about the print, but it looks photo-realistic. If it is, I think that takes it up a notch!



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