Writing this post is quite a daunting task...How can I sum up in any amount of words how wonderful, inspiring, and exhausting NYFW with Tumblr was? It's a trip I would repeat again and again if I could, but I might require more hours to be added to each day! As wonderful as the shows I was able to attend, the studios I visited, and the backstage access, were the people. It's rather unfortunate to meet so many fascinating, creative people and then leave them behind for my hermitage here in Virginia. I hope that I will be able to see most of them again and they all made a lasting impression on me.



  1. LOVE! Glad you had a great time :)

  2. The video is so great to give a snapshot of what you experienced, it must be so hard to sort through the hundreds of photos that you must have taken but you must have enough material to last all year! Looking forward to seeing them, it sounds like you had the BEST time out there!

  3. I've really enjoyed living vicariously through your posts and photos of NYFW. Your photos document it so well!

    The Hong Kong garden sound choice was awesome in this video!Ooo Grace Coddington!

  4. So excellent! You are quite good at making these photo videos.

  5. It must be hard to leave the city. But, what a great experience to have.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. oh my goodness! everyone is SO beautiful! haha

    i love the model in the brown felt like hat!

    what fun...oh i miss new york!

    http://hattitude-hattitude.blogspot.com Fashion Artistic Blog

  7. Thanks for sharing, looks like so much fun and hard work the best combination!

  8. i love the video you made, it brings a bit of the experience to those of us who couldn't go. I'm so glad you had fun :)


  9. You were really lucky to be able to experience NYFW... og what I'd do to be invited! :D Maybe next year!


  10. What a gorgeous video!!! I love music you picked, it's perfect. And the lady putting milk in her tea...awwwww....

  11. Lovely video, it really makes my wish I was there, too. hope you are settling back in well.

  12. It looks like you had a wonderful week and everyone looks so beautiful!

  13. WOw I love that little video - what a cool way to get a feeling for what it was like there... though I really can't imagine how amazing it must have been to actually be there!!

  14. seriously, this is such a amazing recap of a DREAM trip. LOOVEEE how u captured it :)) xo, Kim www.eatsleepwear.com

  15. I have really enjoyed following your coverage of your week in NY. I Love the videos you've done!


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