Slack Water

Last week I went down to the beach at Fort Story with my mother. It was an absolutely lovely day and I shot a little video while I was there. I am trying to explore the video venue more, but it is a struggle for me...Also, it amuses me that my purse, book, and nails all match!

Outfit details:
UO sunnies
vintage dress
Yellstone gift shop necklace
Saltwater sandals
book: The Brownings, Letters and Poetry
*I shoot my videos with a Flipcamera & edit in iMovie



  1. Beautiful Rebecca! Love the video!


  2. I know you have an affinity for vintage style, but even your film style is very vintage in tone and quality.

    I love it.

    It's another way to do a lookbook... except that it takes much more effort. I still do adore it when you do film, though.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  3. I love the outfit and the video! Your videos are always so adorable.

  4. I find it tough to get interesting shots and depth when you have to use a tripod and be on the other side of the camera! You do it wonderfully though :)


  5. Cute video! Golly, makes me jealous of the warm weather. It's still cold and wet in my corner of the States. :(

  6. your videos are absolutely inspirational :-)

  7. That bag is gorgeous! I am so in love with the shape, colors & overall look of the foley & corrina bags! Beautiful!

  8. Beautiful calming. I've also been trying to get into taking more video's just so time consuming! All of the shots and editing...but it's always worth it in the end. :-)

  9. beautiful outfit! love your dress! and the video is so lovely!!!


  10. Very serene video, I'm thinking about buying a flip cam, they're pretty good quality for something so small!

  11. I used to play on the rocks at Fort Story when I was a little girl! If you ever go back down to VB, go across the street to First Landing State Park. Talk about some beautiful scenery! Swamps filled with trees and hanging moss galore.

    Beautiful video.


  12. The video is so lovely! I always enjoy when you post them, so I'd love to see more! :)

  13. Wonderfully lovely video. :) Really gorgeous and serene in an inspiring sort of way.

    -- Maria Elyse

  14. I love the matching toes and bag, even if they weren't intentional.

  15. I've always wondered what you do your videos with! I'm sad to have read earlier last week that the flipcam may be discontinued.

    I love the way you do your videos though! And isn't Fort Story pretty?!

  16. Great job on the video - I feel that it helps to see your outfit in motion and with a bit of background music for mood. It becomes more dynamic/less static and more engaging, I think.
    Anyway, I really like your sandals and handbag; it makes me wish I lived near a beach! (I don't really like the beach normally, so that says something.)

  17. I LOVE that bag, what an amazing color!!

  18. The video you made was sensational! Plus I love Feist so thank-you for sharing that. I look forward to more videos by you!

  19. I think its funny when you back away from the water, especially since saltwater sandals were made for water. I love the serene background and the calming music. Makes me miss going to the beach. Wish I lived closer to the sea.

  20. This is definitely the best video you have made yet! I loved it :)

    It makes me want to go to the beach so terribly. I think I've said this before, but I'm insanely jealous of your new location!


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