Lauren Moffatt Spring 2012 Preview

<span class=While I was in New York for fashion week I requested a studio visit with Lauren Moffatt and happily she obliged. Erin and I were able to preview her new spring collection before nearly anyone else and I think it must be my favorite yet! Delicate star sequins and pretty crocheted dresses? Yes, please! I quite like her fall collection, but now I can't wait for spring to come to stores...

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pictures 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 by Erin



  1. You had me at star sequins! Such a lovely collection.

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  3. I LOVE that blouse. So cute. I love behind the scenes pictures of designers. xo, rv

  4. Wow super cute, loving the snap shots of the work room. Amazing post!

  5. Very cute, I love the patterns. The yellow top is really nice.

  6. Awww!

    So sweet!

    Love the soft colors and designs!

    Adorable. Love it!

    <3 Vega


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