Scarf Saturday

Overall I prefer chunky, cozy scarves, but I do admire the patterns and pictures you find on some of the fancier ones. These scarves by Age of Reason are 100% silk and feature the most cheeky designs. There's clearly Hermes inspiration lurking in these, but with a twist in subject matter--classic chain designs are morphed into handcuffs and even sweet Russian nesting dolls get a makeover. My favorite design is the punk pug...styled on a pug no less.

age of reason



  1. I love scarves.
    I especially like the ones you shared today.


  2. I love silk scarves and these are beautiful. My fave are the ones in the first pictures.


  3. Oh wow beautiful! Wanna have it all!


  4. such a cute folksy spirit, these are adorable!

  5. How charming! I could use this sort of femininity in my wardrobe.

  6. I like your scarf updates! Makes me a bit more inspired for the coming months.

  7. I think my favorite is the one in the first picutre on the left, but they're all great! :)
    Makes me want to get another scarf for winter...

    Hailey from

  8. I love scarfs so elegant.

  9. What a lovely scarves. I want one right now

  10. I adore the dog picture, it's extremly fun!!! I also love the matriuska & handcuff's print, so so original.
    I want to thank you for let me discover the lovely Wilmaharju ;)
    Congratulations for your blog! I'm addicted.

  11. hi!
    i absolutely adore your blog!
    could you kindly do a post on
    "PROM"? pleaseee!
    it would be awesome!
    thanks :DDDDD
    pleaseeeeeeeeee :)

  12. Haha not quite sure how I feel about the bondage dolls but I love everything else aout them! I want to wrap my hair in quirky silk scarves this winter for sure!

  13. @Anonymous, sorry I'm can't write a prom post; it wouldn't be applicable to my life or style. There are so many other people out there who do write prom posts and I'm sure they do it better than I could. But I'm in my mid-twenties now, it's been a long time since I went to prom or knew anyone going.

  14. I love to wear scarves as it is the main accessory that make us to look trendy and the scarves you have shared here really looks trendy and unique. Thanks for the share! Keep posting!!


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