Scarf Saturday

by julia pott

jean seberg

sara blomqvist

anna malmberg

rodney smith

j crew


The eternal brightness said...

I enjoy this section a little more every saturday. Love the fisrt picture and Jean Seberg. Happy Christmas, Rebecca ;)))

Nahar & Nazia said...

love these! just got into wearing scarves a lot recently, so these are really inspiring me 8D

Shannon said...

Scarves are my favorite accessory. Great post.


For Elyse said...

Scarves are perfect to add to just about any outfit! My favorite accessory for sure. I like all the different ways you guys show them used. Great ideas. We have super cute scarves as well :)

Is It Secret, Is It Safe said...

great photos! i wear a scarf just about every day - i love them!

Agnes Deer said...

Seeing Jean Seberg in there, made my day :)

Fashion Inciter said...

Made my mom a scarf for christmas. Have a lovely holiday!

Rockon said...

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Billì said...

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