Dinosaur Jr

Rookie Mag has showcased the most magical editorials lately; it really makes me wish Rookie was around when I was younger (although I didn't buy magazines and lacked computer competency when I was young!). Dinosaur Jr photographed by Eleanor Hardwick is definitely a new favorite.


Becky said...

Oh, these photos are amazing. The dinosaurs are such a great backdrop. What a wonderful editorial!



daria said...

I have the same feelings about Rookie! I wish I were younger now so I could enjoy it even more :) the magazines in my youth/country were... pretty bad.

RAW Fashion Magazine said...

Love the last photo too cute xx

Julia Topaz said...

Amazing! It reminds me of Dinosaur Land up in northwestern Virginia. Wait, is that Dinosaur Land? Are dinosaur themed parks common??

Mitzi Cocoa said...

Ah, yes! This is such an amazing editorial. I remember Cosmopolitan magazine being the "cool thing to read" when I was 11... so disappointing. Rookie Mag is fantastic!

Vanessa said...

where is this? it's wonderful.