Gone Fishing

mara hoffman one piece, ASOS sunglasses, canvas fish purse, metallic skirt, frog ring, butter nail polish, avalon sandal
I keep having dreams of mermaids and dolphins, so I think it's safe to say I'm missing the ocean. Would love a trip down to the water in this ensemble--how sweet is that fish tote?


mona hemed said...

The fish is adorable! i've got it in Yellow

Tinacious Me said...

ahhh the fish bag is so cute!!!

Sarah Dee said...

I love the sandals!


Jacqueline, melon-heart said...

This really is a dream outfit. I'm in love with the fish and the ring!

♥ Cassandra (Backtofive) said...

The sandals is my fave!


Two Happy Hearts said...

I'm missing the ocean, as well! I just bought the perfect little bathing suit, but I don't have an ocean near me. And lakes just aren't the same ;)
I love this collection!

Anonymous said...

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Rosaspina Vintage said...

This fantasy outfit would look very lovely on you, I can already picture it!
I miss the sea too, I don't have any holiday planned but still I bought sunscreen the other day, for no reason! I guess I'll just take it as a sign ;)
Have a great weekend!

Ruby S said...

this post is awesome! i think i would wear all of this, but i would have put a heeled sandal instead of a flat one :-)

Mani said...

All of these are so cute! I especially love that one piece :)

Pau said...

awesome swimmsuit!!! xx