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This week I’ve partnered with MOO Business Cards Inc. for an awesome new giveaway—and we’re drawing three winners this week! If you’ve never heard of them before, MOO prints business cards online, but also makes MiniCards, StickerBooks, Postcards, Greeting-cards, and more. So, even if you aren’t in the market for business cards there’s a fun product on the site for you to try out.
MOO was born from a passion for beautiful, high-quality print and design. You can upload your own images or artwork to create truly creative cards or you can choose a designer business card template to personalize with your own details. If you have images on Flickr or Facebook, you can easily upload pictures from those sites as well.
I’ve been using the MiniCards as my business cards for a couple of years well. They’re really perfect for a fashion blogger since they can feature your outfit pictures and from passing them around—they always make a good impression. I recently ordered some new business cards (with my short hair!) and couldn’t resist getting a few stickers as well. I imagine the postcards and greeting cards would be fun gifts to friends and family.
We’re drawing three different winners who will each receive $50 promotional codes to spend on the site.
To Enter:
-Leave a comment below telling me how you would utilize your MOO credit: which product(s) you like the best and why? Feel free to be creative in your answers, as I’ll choose the three winners based on the responses. Bonus points for making me laugh.
-Winners will be chosen from the comments below on the 30th, please enter a valid email address so I am able to contact you, open to International readers.



  1. i want/need/wish for/would love/am dying for business cards to promote my blog so that i can be just like you. obviously.

  2. i would use my credit to get my husband some more business cards - something I have been meaning to do for months now! He is an artist so MOO cards are perfect because they can showcase a bunch of his artwork.

    I may also order a few more for myself as well. ;o)

  3. I've been using moo mini cards as tags for each of the items in my etsy vintage shop (!!

    They are really the perfect size...and they nice! I might be a paper dork, but a good paper of a nice weight and texture always brightens my day.

  4. it was a day to remember. i went to receive my package with my new mini moo cards, and they cound Not find it. I made a scene, i was kicked out of the office. i dont regrete it, they worth it! i love them, i need more of them!!

    see my old post! >


  5. I have been meaning to get some fun business cards for my shop, Little Prairie Handmade(, for quite some time but I am a horrible procrastinator, oops. I desperately need some for my tiny business though.

    I would get the "porthole portfolio" cards. They would be perfect to display some of my dresses on one side as well as my information on the other.

    I'm crossing my fingers!

  6. I absolutely love the idea of getting some MiniCards to promote my blog and my writing in general. I would put on them not only outfit photos, but also something fun to make people smile - a quote (humorous or thought provoking), or maybe a fortune. Who doesn't love a silly fortune, after all? :)

  7. I would love to design some Moo's mini business cards for the etsy vintage shop that I run with my snazzy best friend! We just rebranded our shop and we're shooting a promo tomorrow for our new look - bound to be cute, quirky and gorgeous (kind of like you!)
    I've been a fan of Moo for a while now and as soon as I saw the darling soft matte mini cards popping up in my favorite vintage boutiques and on the displays of artists, I knew that I was going to need some...but for what? Good thing I started an Etsy store so now I can be all Professional (and self promotional!) with some fancy cards, instead of the ones that I made myself on my typewriter....

    xo, terra robin

  8. I've been looking over MOO Business Cards for weeks now, and I've even started designing my own QR Code Cards. I would LOVE to win this credit, because I am going to Hong Kong to study for 10 months, and I desperately need business cards. In Hong Kong, everyone has business cards, and it's almost seen as an insult if you don't have a card to share. I would use the QR Code to link to my resume, and I would put a photography I've taken on the back. I might even design some separate cards with information about my blog and Flickr.

  9. Getting married this September and we all no weddings are f'in expensive!! ;) So I'd love to win these adorable business cards and use them as my escort cards. I've seen other brides do this since you can't put any photo you want on the back!!

  10. Well, this giveaway could not have come at a better time. I have ordered cards for my little photo business through MOO before and have been very pleased with them! I need new ones because both my phone number and last name have changed! I would really love to win this awesome giveaway.

  11. Well, I'm a wallflower. I'm shy and have a categorical fear of blushing, which I do all the time. Also, I'm a moderately successful writer with an unfortunate talent for self-efacement. I would LOVE to have some Moo minicards to pass around. Seriously. Sponser me on the next level of my effort to actually be proud of myself and my work? Thanks! Love M :0)

  12. I am a huge fan of Moo - I have gotten business cards from them before and they have turned out beautifully.

    One thing from Moo that I haven't gotten yet but would love to are the stickers. My nieces and nephews absolutely love pictures of themselves, and also love stickers. I'd love to do up a bunch of stickers featuring sweet photos of them. I would of course keep a few for myself but I would give the rest to the kiddos to play with and stick anywhere and everywhere.

    If not, I'd go the postcard route, and turn some snapshots of my beloved PEI into cards to send to friends family and loved ones who live far away and who could use a happy, pretty card to lift their spirits.

    You can reach me at rebecca (at) lotsixtyfive (dot) com or @lotsixtyfive

  13. I would use my MOO credit to order some lovely business cards I designed *months* ago and never got around to ordering. I really need some for my blog, and I cannot wait to see my design IRL. <3


  14. I would love to order a stack of the minicards and use them as little 'thank you' notes for people I interact with throughout the day (e.g., barista, librarian, bus driver :). I moved across the country to a small town where I didn't know a single person last fall and I think this has made me feel extra appreciative of the nice strangers I've met each day!

  15. I would love to order a book of stickers! I make handmade purses, totes, and clutches and I think it would be so cute to seal up my tissue-wrapped bags with a cute little sticker with my logo.

    I currently use MOO for my business cards and I absolutely love the quality. They're the best!

    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway! I can be contacted at info AT lepetithoot DOT com.

  16. First of all they are called MOO. My wee one is 13 months and "MOO" happens to be one of her favorite words and it is in heavy rotation around here. The fact they are called MOO reminds me of my daughter, so I automatically sort of love them.
    Secondly, I actually need business cards for my blog. I'm starting to feel a little self conscious muttering the name of my blog to people I meet. I usually have to repeat the name at least twice and then I walk away wondering if they remembered it's, not swooshandswoon or any other variation.
    The mini cards would be my pick, because miniature things are cuter than their larger counterpart. Think about miniature ponies.

  17. I made a record. A real one, vinyl, shiny, and I love it- but every time I sell it or give it to a store, I have to point out that "there is a download card in there" - all because I didn't make stickers that tell you that. Sweet round stickers that nicely tell you yes, this record comes with its very own download card- that's what I would use the credit for. And they would be sensationally MOO too!

  18. Oh and they would be round. Absolutely.

  19. How cute! In particular the ones with rounded corners. I'd use them when I have to go job hunting all too soon, when I finish my master in September and have to make it in the Real World as a freelance translator (eek!). Handing out snazzy business cards would surely make them remember me!
    I'd also order some stickers, because you know... stickers ^_^
    And an attempt at bonus points: "Which cheese can hide a horse?"

    Yeah... sorry about that. I'm not even sure it works in American. Anyway, onwards!

    annetteholck at gmail dotcom

  20. I would love to have some cards or sticker books for my mom and my friends. They seem so fun and perfect for a b'day gift or a just because gift.

    MOO is really inspiring!

  21. Oh dear... this is the most challenging competition ever! I have adored MOO's range of business cards for a long time, so I'm not sure I could choose a favourite. The QR code cards are very functional - but the rounded corner cards make for some great options as well! Gah! In the end, I think I have to go for the mini cards :) They are so adorable, and making personal mini cards would be a perfect distinction from my professional business cards.

    Also, thanks for opening this competition up for international readers :)

  22. I would either choose the business cards since I'm still new to blogging and think this is a creative way to get your name out there.
    But I'd also lean towards selecting the postcards because I just love to send snail mail to family and friends because there's nothing like opening the mail and getting a fun (and tangible) 'hello' message from someone you love - instead of junk mail all the time.

  23. My hubby and I used Moo postcards for our save-the-dates when we were getting married in 2009. Three years later, I've been trying to think of creative ways to announce that we are finally pregnant. It's been a long journey to mommyhood, and it was not an easy one for us, as we have had many complications along the way. But now our baby is due in February and we would love to send a card with his or her cute little face on it to all our friends and family scattered across the states. This probably wont make you laugh, but hopefully the thought of chubby little baby cheeks on a Moo card will be enough to tug at your heart and make you go "awwwww"!

  24. Being an Oral Historian, my work deals with collecting and archiving memories and nostalgia, so the mixtape cards are perfect for my line of work. Although I have worked with tape before, I would want to make it clear to the people I'm giving it to that I am not using this archaic form of recording, so on the tape part of the business card, I'd write something like "MEMO: Convert to digital..."

  25. Aww, this is a great giveaway opportunity! Thanks! :)

    This year my resolution had been to get my blog/etsy shop on its feet and start participating in some Artist Alleys and Craft Shows. My dream was a bit de-railed in May when I got laid off, but I'm at a new job now and more motivated than ever! This giftcard would be a great little boost to help print some products--especially something cute and fun like stickers!


  26. Two words: calling cards. How cute would it be to make a friend, and then hand her a minicard with your name and contact info as you part ways? Too cute. That's how cute.

  27. You know, it would be lovely to have some gorgeous rounded corner cards saying lovely things to people you meet... For instance, when someone finally cheers you up by being dressed in a colourful, fun, nice way after seeing drab clothing all day! Budapest needs more people who enjoy dressing up, so maybe passing out some cute cards to passers by who deserve it would start a dressing revolution and we would be the most happily dressed city in a few months! :)

  28. Oops, my email is madelinequaint at gmail dot com. :)

  29. I'm a new reader, and I happen love everything Moo! What a fantastic contest, I definitely came at the right time!

    If I were to win, I would buy my fiancé and I a heap of their postcards. We are preparing for a cross country move to a new place with no friends or family. It's incredibly exciting but I would love to have something tangible to send to all my favorite people back in Ohio!

    Oh, and I love their little sticker books, so I'd have to get one of those too! I'd probably use all my zoo pictures because we all know the world could use more tiny animal faces stuck on everything around the house...and car...and at work...

    Rebecca Lynn
    design by freckles at gmail dot com
    (no spaces)

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I would use the credit to get some personalised stickers with my face on so i could label all the food in my fridge with a scary/angry face to warn off my awesome but food nabbing flatmates!

  32. I would use my moo credit to get some mini cards or maybe stickers to promote my new fashion line! I love how Moo supports creativity, if they did holograms (which I don't think they do) I would make the image be a woman in my clothes, but when turned she could be in my vintage inspired lingerie line! Oh gosh, inappropriate? maybe. do I care... no.

  33. shoot, i forgot to post my email,

  34. I need to do some networking as I'm an entrepreneur,
    But since I am a cow, I've only got manure.

    I need business cards.


  35. I recently started my own little home business, silly me, I forgot about business cards and tags for the products! (So far I have been making them all by hand - love the handmade idea, it's kind of my thing you see.. It just takes TOO long!)
    I'd be using my credit for some really cute business cards and some mini cards - they would be just splendid! And make my life so much easier, especially since I am going to start selling at markets soon!
    I just love your blog - keep up the good work! :) And thanks for introducing me to MOO!! I love that I can get their products even though I'm in South Africa! :) YAY!

  36. i would love some business cards for my little blog! and possibly my online store, which i am set to open very soon.

    oh my gosh i want these so bad. lol.


  37. I need business cards for the creative part (my blog) as well as the professional (sometimes boring) part of my life. I would cover most of the business cards with pictures of my adorably fat cat Sebastian, if I could put his picture on everything I would. Also, if I had any extra credit left I would also get myself one of their adorable notebooks and have a picture of my cat added to it(crazy cat lady over here)!!! Anyway, I really like their notebooks and like to write lists and things. I sometimes turn notebooks into mini journals when I just need to let out some steam or remind myself for the future about an event taking place. Their's would be a great addition to my life.

  38. Ooh, I love moo. It's a toss up between sticker books and business cards because I am yet, another graphic designer always looking to spread the word, on me. I also have a toddler, so I'd print a ton of stickers of him so he could stick them all over the place and admire himself. He loves looking at photos of himself ...:) cyoun at umd . Edu

  39. eek! I forgot to leave me email address on my comment. It's jessykuh(at)gmail(dot)com. My comment was the one that involved mention of the miniature ponies.

  40. I would love to create business cards for my blog!
    And after I win this I will send one to you so you can visit my blog without forgetting my URL and the other one would be sent to Anna Wintour so she can contact me job wise.

  41. I've been looking so hard to find a giveaway for business cards for my art since I can't afford some right now ( about starving artist, lol). And this sight is just wonderful, not to mention the quality of the mini cards seems just amazing (it's art itself!) I'd use my 50$ credit to get a little of everything, the minicards for art shows and then a sticker book to put up some of my pretty designs everywhere like on the bus or a bathroom stall (it sounds so weird, but you never know who might catch an interest!) (and plus, it's more legal than doing street art, so that's a plus.) I feel like I've written an extremely long paragraph but hopefully I haven't bored you, I'd really like to win these - it'd be a great investment in my art. Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway, you're amazing!


    -Monica xo

  42. Oh, Rebecca! How I would love to win these Moo cards!

    I just had a beautiful baby girl named Olivia. Times are a little tight, but people have been so very generous showering us with gifts for our little girl.

    I'd like to use the Moo cards creatively in making thank yous for these gift-givers. What I love about Moo is that each card in a set that you've ordered can be a different image. My husband and I LOVE photography, and the idea of not being limited to one image really appeals to me!

    Also, I like that the thank-you message can be on the reverse side of the card, so that one side is just a beautiful picture (of little toes or fingers, for example) not crowded out by text or design. I love simplicity.

    Also, I live in Canada, and you have no idea how many online contests are closed to me despite our proximity to your country!

    My email is schindel (.dot.) jill (.at.) gmail (.dot.) com


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