Some Skill Involved In Being A Girl

I bought this spike headband and I'm wearing it in the coming Monday's post. I love the idea of balancing something (literally) sharp and edgy with more feminine elements.


Natalie Suarez said...

SO SO CUTE! i miss u! xx


hello, Friday said...

I love the book clutch!
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michelle tree said...

That dress is amazing. Love the collection!

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

Adorable set, I love the dress! xx


soychild. said...

love the girly and edgy, you can totally pull it off :) and a red l never hurt nobody!

For Elyse said...

Very cute dress and the soft and hard motif is one of my favorites! i love that you put To Kill a Mockingbird in there as well! It makes this look classic as well as edgy! Girls can read too lol!
Love this!
~ Jillian

Sushi said...

This would make an amazing outfit! Love it x Sushi

Helen said...

Agh I need one of those book clutches in my life- would certainly make a statement!

MintJulep said...

Being rather obvious, but as a non american person, that book is easily one of my fave in the whole world, it helped shape me in my youth, really.