An Acceptable Time

I'm beginning to crave changing leaves and cooler temperatures but that doesn't seem quite in the cards yet. Still, I can start to inject autumnal colors into my wardrobe.



  1. very cute! love the bracelet!

  2. That dress is so dreamy! Love it!!

    x Aliya
    Hill Side Story

  3. I'm starting to want autumn too, I feel very unelegant in the heat.. The dress and sunglasses are beautiful, though!

  4. I really love this combination! I too look forward to the cooler weather as I've never been good with the heat and like layering too much anyways! Though it may also be due in part to the cape I purchased back in June and have been itching to wear since. Speaking of autumnal colors and temperatures, though I know your not generally one for pants (and nor am I), have you seen these delightful jeans from Urban Outfitters? They are a lovely deep red and, the real reason I bring them to your attention, have horses printed on them! They're out of my price range, but I thought they might be up your ally...

  5. Love this colour palette! Thanks for sharing the book you are reading.:)

  6. Such a cute set! I especially love the dress, it's beautiful

  7. This dress is definitely going on my wishlist!


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