Call Of The Wild

notebook, patent flats, sunnies, lauren moffatt dress, wolf earrings, paul & joe purse
How awesome are those howling wolf earrings? I keep thinking with my short hair I should invest in more interesting earring choices, but I'm much more prone to grab a necklace or ring instead. Still, this would be the perfect late summer outfit to spend strolling around and filling your notebook.


EilidhPie said...

Love the bag and the earrings are awesome! Xo

Velveteen Mint said...

I would definitely wear this outfit!

dreamytangerine said...

Something I would wear, too! These earrings are cool! I love wolves. :)

Alice said...

Those earrings are sooo cool and kinda weird too... want!!


Ambreen said...

Those earrings are divine! Want want want! :)

Marlee said...

I was most drawn to the dress but the earrings are cool, too, because the wolf is my school mascot!!