Like Rain It Sounded Till It Curved

cluster earrings, petal dress, oxfords, umbrella, edie purse, cameo ring, butter polish
Our summer weather has been tumultuous; days begin clear then clouds roll in and suddenly there's a clap of thunder and a downpour from the heavens. This leads to many hours sitting at the window with a book in hand, but spending more time watching lightning than reading.


Kristen Bousquet said...

I love the oxfords!

kristen at stylish in sequins

EilidhPie said...

The dress is beautiful! I live the panda brolly too - I'd like to get a frog one! Xo

Amy said...

Oh wow, the dress in the center is sooo gorgeous!



Tianna Cerone said...

Um, that panda umbrella is ridiculously cute ... And I want those earrings to be mine! :)