How To Steal A Million

trench coat, red lipstick, janey ballet pumps, stud peplum top, black skirt, driving gloves, lovelock clutch

I'm quite ready for the opportunity to dress like a French spy this fall, or at least the way I imagine that trope in my head. It's a bit like Audrey Hepburn's character in How To Steal A Million; she's trying to hire a person she thinks is a master thief and dons a very theatrical wardrobe to fit the role she's trying to play--a character playing a character. I also have a new trench coat and I'm itching to doodle some eyes on the back of it like I did before.



  1. Where is the rabbit mask from?

  2. I love audrey hepburn she was just so classic as is red lipstick. that trench is also beutiful

  3. If I were to see a Broadway show in NYC, this would be exactly what I would wear.

  4. Lovel itiems... the rabbit mask is precious!


  5. Excellent outfit inspiration! Lovely picks x Sushi

  6. Audrey Hepburn is/was a goddess.
    They just don't make them like her anymore! :)

    The other day, I finally watched Casablanca for the first time ever. I think I've caught the bug that makes you absolutely adore all old movies (or that just a part of being a girl?).
    How to Steal a Million sounds absolutely amazing. I think I may need to watch it sometime this Labor Day weekend.
    Classic movie marathon here I COME!

    But before I pop off to go relax with my movies and something yummy to eat, I want to say that this set is too adorable! Even though there's no way that I could ever wear this in my daily life, I want everything! Especially that little bunny mask. How fun would it be to just run around one day in that?!

    I hope all of you (especially you, Rebecca) have the loveliest Labor Day weekend ever!!! <3 <3

    The Ace of Hearts

    P.S. I was looking at that old post where you doodled those eyes onto that trench coat and I love it!
    Someday, when I find the perfect trench coat, I'll be sure to also buy a cheaper one so that I can draw on it to my heart's desire.
    I'm already dreaming of that day and all the fanciful little illustrations that are going to appear...


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