I Capture The Castle

This is the third book-inspired outfit I partnered with Lulu*s to bring you this month. Today's look is inspired by the character Rose of I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith.

I Capture The Castle is told from the eyes of 17-year old Cassandra as she resides with her destitute family in a crumbling castle. Rose is her mesmerizing older sister; she's a classic beauty pining for life in a Jane Austen novel. When romance does arrive in the form of eligible bachelors Simon and Neil Cotton, Rose conspires (with her sister) to seduce the older brother and end the family's financial struggles. Her approach and wardrobe is as dated as the Austen novels she references--her clothes are quite out of mode and her style of flirting is initially repellent to both Cotton brothers. Still, there's something about Rose--a charm beneath her silly clothes and ridiculous mannerisms that is quite irresistible. You can tell that as much as Cassandra feels second-hand embarrassment for her sister, she also greatly admires her. Both girls always manage to find humor in their situation, making the crumbling castle despite its drafts and leaks seem quite appealing.
To channel Rose I couldn't think of a more appropriate starting piece than a floral dress, I paired it with matching shoes and then chose a purse and pair of sunglasses that clashes with the dress but went together. Like Rose, the overall outfit is a little retro and dated, but overall there's a charm to each piece and a feminine prettiness that won't be denied--a rose is still a rose, afterall.

Outfit details:
sunglasses, dress, shoes, and purse courtesy of Lulu*s
*pictures by Jon



  1. where is this? beautiful dress


  2. i LOVE this outfit. S refreshing and cute!


  3. Oh, can I ever expect your take on Baby Warren??? Or even Nicole Diver would do - though I am fascinated with Baby, and always feel like I wanted Fitzgerald to write more on her, there's depths of mistery in her that one just doesn't even start to grasp...

  4. I loved I capture the castle :) I remember writing a book review on it when I was 10.

  5. That dress is so pretty. I capture the castle is a book that so many of my friends love but I am yet to read it! I really need to change this.

  6. Gorgeous dress, I love this colour! I've never heard about this book, but it sounds very interesting, I think I need to read it!

  7. I love that book too! I think the character who stuck with me the most was Topaz, though given her penchant for walking around nude, it's probably best you chanelled Rose instead. :)

  8. I love I Capture The Castle, both the book and the film! So I especially like these themed posts. You look beautiful, Love the dress.

  9. Gorgeous shoot! I never read the book, I'll have to pick it up at the library. It sounds like one I'd like. :)


  10. Lovely post! I love seeing outfits inspired by books x Sushi

  11. You found such a perfect place for this photo shoot too! Love the dress- a little "dated" but also still pretty.

  12. I absolutely ADORE 'I Capture the Castle', it's such a great story. You should definitely check out 'A Brief History of Montmaray' by Michelle Cooper. It's in the same style of ICTC. :D

    Anyways, you captured Rose very well with this dress. It's adorable and perfect for that era.


    Mostly Lisa

  13. everything about this is so absolutely beautiful! those pictures are to die for! I love the colours. x

  14. I love that dress, those shoes and your hair. =) Your very beautiful.



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