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Benji Frank's a new sponsor of mine, so they gave me five frame of my choice to try out. Their "try five" program actually lets anyone try five frames for five days for free. At the end you can pick your favorite frames and get your prescription put in. All frames are just $100 with free shipping and free returns. Every purchase at Benji Frank also gives back--you can choose to have a portion of your sale go towards cataract surgery consumables or send a new pair of glasses to someone through Operation Eyesight. It's pretty wonderful to find companies that are so dedicated to giving back.
I'm still debating which pair I'd like to get, but I'm leaning towards the grant. Which are your favorites? I made a little video to show the way glasses look from different angles and a mobile face and had a bit of fun laughing at myself in the process. The props are my housemate's Kate; we used this wall in our basement as a photobooth for the house-warming party we had weeks ago and never got around to taking it apart.



  1. I like the Grant and Eisenhower, but I think the Grant is more timeless. I think I need to finally look into online glasses shops next time I need a new pair. - Leah

  2. What a cute video! Personally, I really like Reagan and Eisenhower. I might be a little biased on Eisenhower since my frames are like that. I definitely love Reagan though!

  3. Adorable video! Makes me wish I used glasses.

  4. Cleveland in crystal black for you!

  5. I really like the Reagan ones the best. The brown looks so good on you. Now I want to get some new glasses too. : )

  6. I like the Eisenhower glasses the best... but you are cute in any of them which makes me jealous!

  7. I love the Grant! I think I might get some in tortoise!


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