Modcloth scarf, cardigan, Topshop dress, Seychelles booties, ASOS gloves + socks
I'm still recovering from my bad cold, so I want nothing more than to spend my days bundled up in blankets with a good book.


Liz Lauren said...

love those shoes!

doing a giveaway on my blog!


Stephanie. said...

Feel better, we all need a break from blogging. :)

And enjoy whatever book you choose to read. Being a college student, the only books I have time to read are textbooks (and that's not fun at all).

-Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

Kati said...

What a sweet outfit, especially that cardigan has won my heart!

emma; a challenge to amoeba said...

Hope you feel better soon. Is there anything you plan on doing once you've got a bit of life back in your bones?

You'd look dashing in this whole outfit. Dashing usually refers to a man and those qualities are what I like about this ensemble so much.

As an avid reader I don't say enough how I appreciate your aesthetic sensibilities!