Book Club: Anna Karenina

Due to the positive response to my initial post on book club I'm happy to announce that book club is officially a thing. Maybe we should come up with a more snazzy name than "book club" (suggestions welcome) but for now: it's time to start reading. Based on comments our first book will be Anna Karenina. If you aren't interested in this novel, you can join in the discussion for the next one--there's no pressure to read each book as we go--just only join the discussion when you are reading the book! Anyway, I'm excited to get to the library for my own copy to begin. Next week we'll have a check-in to see how everyone's managing Tolstoy.



  1. aha I can't believe it, I didn't even know about the book club and I just started reading Anna Karenina! :)

  2. Looking forward to starting the book :-)

  3. Love this book, can't wait to see the discussion!

  4. So excited! Unfortunately I'm separated from my copy of Anna Karenina by the Atlantic Ocean right now, but I'll try to get my hands on a copy!


  5. I can't participate in this virtual book club this go 'round. But I have to say that I'm so glad you are asking people to only participate *if* they're reading the book. :)

  6. For all the Kindle users, there is a free Kindle edition of this book on Amazon... just saying!

    I've never been in a book club before, so excited!


  7. I love that you're starting a book club! Reading is so important and so many people are just too preoccupied in other things to enjoy literature...

    Anna Karenina is definitely on my list of books to read over winter break when I don't have to read textbooks! Right now I'm in the middle of The Beautiful Creatures. It's a good read so far!

    Enjoy your book :)

  8. I can't express how excited I am! I've been hoping to join a book club for months but haven't found one around. I never thought of doing one online. It's like Christmas has come early! I'm very excited to start the book, I'm going to have to check out which libraries have it. Eeeeeee!

  9. sweeeet! read the first couple pages... oh, though wondering if anyone who has already read or started it has any comments about translators/version??? was adding it to my Goodreads account and saw a discussion contrasting the victorian-era translations by Garnett or Maude with a more recent translation by Pevear-Volokhonsky. I think the ebook i have is a Garnett....

    also, as we start out, would anyone have or want "discussion points/questions" to think on as we read? i'm generally better if i can have a talking point in mind as i read rather than trying to rack backwards through my not-the-sharpest memory after reading...

    so excited to dig into this! ciao ciao! A.

  10. EVERY copy from my local libraries is checked out, and I'm on a budget. :(

    Luckily, for anyone like me who's having trouble finding a copy, the book is available for free on Project Gutenberg:

  11. yess! so excited to get started.. began AK this morning.. preetty great already!
    till next week(:

  12. Joining as well. I was always to lazy to join a book club in real life, so this seems perfect! Mathilda

  13. I just read Anna Karenina a few months ago. Good choice!


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