I'm usually more drawn to two-dimensional art than installations or sculptures--at least online. Perhaps that is the problem; sculptures and things with dimension must really be experienced firsthand to get the whole impact of the work. Whereas pieces of flat art (paintings, drawings, etc) can have real presence even through a computer screen. Sometimes more presence than seeing them in person because we can blow up minute details and see things much closer than we might be permitted to in person (case in point: the Mona Lisa, quite underwhelming although still surrounded by crowds at the Louvre). However, this installation by artist Gabriel Dawe seems quite powerful even through my screen. Created with thread the work is an experimentation in color and space that allows a viewer to almost step inside a rainbow. Adding to the beauty of his work is the backdrop of this ornate museum in Italy; the contrast between the clean, bright lines that echo natural beauty and the vintage, decorative architecture is truly stunning. His work is always site-specific and seeks to explore "the connection between fashion and architecture, and how they relate to the human need for shelter in all its shapes and forms." I can vicariously appreciate this installation here in my room, but it's something that I know I'd enjoy even more in person.


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