Book Club: Anna Karenina

Since a few readers of Anna Karenina voiced concerns about finishing the book in two weeks we'll postpone our discussion until next week. This post will just be a check-in to see how everyone's finding Tolstoy. Hopefully we're all on track to finish this coming week and discuss next Saturday. Here are a few discussion points we can go into next week if you're interested:
-We read that it is unpleasant for Anna to read about other people's lives because she "wanted too much to live herself." Why are reading and living placed in opposition to one another?
-What effect does society have on limiting and fulfilling individual desires/satisfaction within the novel?
-Do you think Anna feels true guilt? Why or why not?



  1. I am so excited for this! This book is so long but I can't put it down. I am enjoying it very much :)

  2. I love the idea of discussing books on your blog :)
    I read Anna Karenina this Summer (in original since I,m from Russia) and I really enjoyed it. Tolstoy is one of my favorite writers :)

  3. What time will the discussion start and where?

  4. @Rebecca, all book club posts will go up on Saturdays. So this coming Saturday is the discussion day. The discussion will happen here in the comments as I suggested in my first book club post since we don't really have an alternative yet.


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