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I don't wear trousers often--I don't really feel "myself" in them. When I was younger I wore jeans every day to school; there were a number of factors behind this but one being my self-consciousness of my legs. In an athletic family, my legs weren't toned. In the preppy and tan state of North Carolina, I was blatantly pale (vampiric almost). It was a rather warm place to live (my first three years of high school) so tights weren't an option and jeans added to my likelihood of blending in with the crowd. It took me awhile to get over my self-consciousness of my legs and my further self-consciousness of being noticed for wearing something slightly uncommon, but once I did there really was no turning back--I realized how much I preferred skirts, how much more comfortable I felt in them, and started ridding my wardrobe of my jeans. So now when I make a conscious decision to wear jeans or trousers for variety it is just that: a conscious decision, no longer my only viable option or my only comfort zone. Sometimes it's actually hard for me to wear pants because I still associate it with those years that I wore them because I felt I had to...

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Clinique lipstick



  1. I don't know if I remember the last time I saw you wearing slacks on your blog. Thanks for keeping us on our toes! <3


  2. I really like this outfit. I'm going to have to find me a graphic sweater for this winter!


  3. It is always interesting to hear what people are or were self-concious about, and a bit inspiring to hear how they overcame that self-image to make a better one. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, just for the record, you do look very cute in these black pants.

  4. I found myself wearing jeans EVERY DAY in high school as well, for very similar reasons. And now, every day is spent wearing skirts and tights and feeling very ME. I could not love this post more, Rebecca :). When I feel "daring" I like to wear corduroys or my one pair of jeggings ;). Thank you for letting me know I'm not so alone, strange or silly, because I get a lot curious looks in my small town!

  5. Not a dress today ? This is really cute also :)

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  6. I wore jeans nearly every day in high school just because that was what everyone else did. It wasn't particularly stylish or interesting but it was within the dress code.
    I absolutely love these trousers on you. They're so flattering on you, I wish I had a pair that looked this nice on me!

  7. Yes, I think at the time we were in high school jeans were the ONLY acceptable option. I still have trouble with them myself for just that reason, as you say...

    I have to say though, I always think you look great when you do wear pants.

  8. love the variety :) I use to be very self conscious of my legs too. Except i found jeans just as bad cause they were so baggy on my thighs, dont have that problem now! xx

  9. I'm coming to value the pants in my wardrobe just as highly as my other girlier choices. I love that there are still women in this day and age who consistently choose femininity over trousers- not that choosing skirts is always a statement. These pants suit you well either way!

    Triple Thread

  10. same here - you couldn't get me to wear a skirt when I was a teen, and now I rarely ever wear pants. plus I haven't found a pair of jeans I liked on me in quite a while :)

  11. These pants look great on you, love them with the Ferragamoes :)

  12. That sweater is fab.


  13. un post fantastico me gusta!!!
    Mas vestidos para ti.
    Bs bella


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