First Saturday

Saturdays are rather marvelous days, no? Even if it's a quiet weekend I hope everyone is enjoying their first Saturday of the new year. I'm still finishing up A Picture of Dorian Gray ("book club" post with optional discussion on the novel will be posted next weekend), drawing rather obsessively (mostly silly monsters), and trying to get back into my routine now that the holidays with family in Virginia are over. What are your weekend activities?



  1. hitting up the farmers market, finishing up knitting + art pieces, happy saturday!

  2. Oh, how fun are those monster illustrations! I adore your patterns and such. Your linework is so energetic.

    Usually over the weekends, I spend time with my family. We went out to lunch today. :)

  3. the patterns and textures of your work are lovely !

  4. i received a copy of the picture of dorian gray from my bff!! i'm currently on chapter IV!

    i'm loving the character of lord henry! i'm quite amazed on his peculiar views about things :)

    paint it stripes

  5. Gosh, I love the lion and fish drawings - wow!


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