DIY Cloud Lanterns

I'm not much of a home DIYer, but I’ve wanted cloud lanterns for my room since I saw a photographer on Flickr posing with one. I couldn’t find any tutorials on how to make them so I just went about it in the most logical way I could using some of the crafty supplies I already had around the house. There really aren’t too many steps since I started with a ready-made paper lantern and basically just had to add the “cloudy” elements to achieve the effect I wanted.  What you’ll need:
-paper lantern(s)
-craft glue
-cotton batting
-light source: candles, or LED lights
The assemblage is fairly straightforward: apply thin layer of glue all over lantern and then press thin layer of cotton batting all over, hold and let dry. At this stage it looks like a snowball. Once the glue has set (30 minutes to an hour) use dabs of glue to add extra layers and bulky spots to make it look more cloud-like; you can pinch and pull your cotton batting to make it uneven and fluffy. Again, allow it to dry then insert your LED light or candle and you’re done! If I do this project again I might switch the craft glue with hot glue sticks, but I already had the craft glue on hand.



  1. this is a really cute idea, I've had a bag of batting lying around for years, I should just make "cloud" everything!

  2. Oh wow these are awesome! They'd be fun to hang up all over the room.

  3. What a great idea! This would be so neat in a sky-themed room :)

  4. This are adorable! I definitely want to do these when I get in an apartment :)


  5. ah, this is awesome, especially since i'm a lover of the clouds. Might wanna try this.

  6. Yes, I will probably try this DIY in my home too ( I suppose my love will not realy in agree with that aha) but I will ask a question without rapport... Which is your nail polish?

  7. @badbatdiary, I'm just wearing a basic black (OPI brand) and then I put glitter at the base of the nail. Any craft glitter will do and sealed it with a clear polish.

  8. How cute! have to make for myself :)

  9. I've been wanting to do this and I'm so glad you reminded me! I'll probably try your tutorial, too :]

  10. They look really beautiful. I bet they give an enchanting mood to a room...

  11. Nice work!
    Me and my kids will copy it for sure.


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