DIY Sparkly Pipecleaner Crowns

It was my birthday yesterday and while prior committments kept me from truly celebrating it, I did get in the festive spirit by making some sparkly crowns a few days ago. I was inspired by this editorial for V Magazine and thought those crowns would be much more than traditional party hats. They’re really easy to make and allows for a lot of creativity and personal flair.
What you’ll need:
-pipe cleaners
-craft glue
Start by making a base for your crown by wrapping two pipe cleaners around your head and twisting their ends together. From here you can let creativity guide you and glue poms on top to make everything more festive! You can twist heart shapes, or basic points, there's really no limit; I used a couple of my extra poms and pipes to make some rings too.



  1. what creatively fun and pretty crowns! hope you had a wonderful birthday dear rebecca. :)

  2. amazing post :) beautiful!

  3. I love these! What a quirky way to celebrate your birthday. My blog turns three this month and considering it includes the word 'Queenie' in the title I may have to throw it a little party and make up a couple of these bad boys. Happy birthday too lady! Sally xx

  4. So cute the bottom photo kin of reminds me of where the wild things are

  5. such a pretty idea to make someone's birthday special! I hope you enjoyed your day!

  6. Love this idea! Must make crowns like this with my kindy kids! :)


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