Selexyz Maastricht

A kind stranger on the Internet saw my post on El Ateneo last week and told me to Goggle Selexyzn Maastricht, which is an ancient Dominican Church in the Netherlands that has been converted into a bookstore. Similar to El Ateneo--it's a stunning space. There's even a centrally located cross-shaped reading table where people can skim their selections. I'm beginning to think there should be a tour group organized around visiting fascinating book stores...



  1. This is awesome (literally)...bucket list... I love your blog so much <3

  2. I love these sort of places! There's a bookshop not far from where I live in England that's a converted old station - it's full of antique books and so lovely! It's called Barter Books in Alnwick if you're interested =)

  3. I've been there! So funny to really recognize something that's featured here.
    It is such a cool bookstore (maybe even the coolest I've ever been to). The combination of it being a church and store at the same time makes it pretty bizarre. It still feels like a church (cool on even the hottest of summer days), but is very much alive because everyone is just going about shopping and talking.
    And above all, it's very pretty :).

  4. I went there in 2010 and totally adored it! you can see my pictures here :

  5. Can you imagine living near enough to it to be able to visit on a regular basis? I think i would just live there if I could <3

  6. I've just been there last week, too :) It's a totally amazing place indeed and it's so much fun to wander through the book shelves inside of a church...

  7. I studied abroad in Maastricht, sadly this bookstore was not yet open. I guess I'll have to plan a trip. It really is a wonderful city worth visiting!

  8. oooh! this is a beautiful, it was a brilliant way to rehabilitate the space.

    I am also a fan of this type of libraries or bookstores. Among my favorites are the Dipòsit de les Aigües in Barcelona and, for a change, the Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City.


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