Garment Recycling with H&M: An Unhaul Video

I’m really excited to bring you all a special video today. It’s been too long since my last video so it was pretty great to get the push from H&M for a new one. This one is all about H&M’s global garment recycling effort and it’s basically the opposite of a haul video. 
My good friend Jon helped me shoot the video and we even snuck Nasha in for a mini stop-motion. I did a little ‘spring cleaning’ of my closet (which has been in desperate need) and filled a couple of bags with clothes to recycle at H&M. They have some great incentives to encourage you to donate your old clothes, but really the best part is: knowing that your clothes aren’t being wasted in the back of your closet or a box in your basement.
Quick facts on their program:
-take up to 2 bags of clothes a day to H&M and a receive at voucher for 15% off one item of your choice
-if you donate before March 31st you receive a special ticket that will give you 15% off your entire purchase and a chance to win prizes
-your clothes will be recycled and reused by H&M and for every pound of clothing they receive 1 cent will be donated to a local charity

-learn more details at H&M Conscious
Watch the video to get a peek into my closet and to see what I’m donating!
*This post is sponsored by H&M for Style Coalition. All opinions are my own.



  1. This is such an awesome program! Thanks for sharing!


  2. You are lovely and this is a great program!

  3. I love a million miles from an H&M but admire what they are doing with this. Even more impressed with the quality of the video though. Great work.

  4. This is a really cool program and an even cooler video! Great job. <3

  5. Such a great initiative, for sure (and a cute video from you too!). I only just did a closet cleanout too! But I donated mine. If an H&M was nearby I certainly would've done this option!

  6. Oh the rabbits at the end are adorable! haha- Great video!!

  7. As great as recycling is, I think donating your unwanted clothes to thrift shops goes to a better cause. Because ultimately H&M will benefit from this program, unlike those who might need new threads at an inexpensive price. Plus, all of those clothes you were taking to be recycled looked SO SO SO lovely still! And totally wear-able by a cute gal looking for a good deal on something stylish amidst the faded t-shirts and ratty sweaters frequently found at thrift shops. I just imagine your cute threads being cut up and "recycled" for new cheap-o garments made for H&M...which makes me sad.

    Just something to think about, ladies.

  8. H&M doesn't really benefit from the donations. They're partnering with a company called I:CO that sorts the clothing into re-use/re-cycle/re-purpose to prevent clothing from going into landfills. The money H&M does make is minimal and will be donated to clean water-based charities that they've partnered with over the years.
    It's a great program! (sorry, been an employee for over a decade!)

  9. What a wonderful program! So great to see big companies organizing things like this :D Also, you are even lovelier in motion! ♡

  10. I'm curious about the program, gonna check it out. Love the video, I was kinda missing those labbits.


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