Lost Astronaut

The Lost Astronaut was a performance art piece by Alicia Framis that explored the identity of astronauts and the concept of building society/living in an alien environment. In September 2009 Framis donned a space suit and took to the streets of New York and followed a strict set of instructions from 20 different artists. Much like a space flight is dictated by NASA guidelines and objective, this astronaut was instructed how to have breakfast, where to go, how to behave and how to interact with people. She's left on Earth like all women excluded from the space-race and now explores BaseCamp almost like a time-traveler. The result is a video and these incongruous set of photographs that parallels universal feelings of alone/lost in a crowd...



  1. I can't believe how moving this is. I really love this performance piece. I think that the "astronaut feeling" is familiar to a surprising amount of people who feel alienated and lost in the everyday society.

  2. it's a good metaphor.
    who doesn't feel trapped and isolated by our own versions of space suits?


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