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One of the best nights of my life was spent dancing at the mis-spelled club "Getto" which was really just a glorified basement in downtown Sapporo. One of my friends in Japan was a music-enthusiast and quickly found the best record stores in the city, which led to befriending some of the store owners and finding the flyer for a Rockabilly dance party. We tripped there one evening, danced until our feet hurt, then danced some more and eventually rode our bicycles home after sunrise in a sleep-deprived state of delirium. I think we might have been singing while we cycled...Anyway, I was reminded of this wonderful evening by these photographs by Alessandro Simonetti. His photographs are of a Japanese Rockabilly party in New York City, but the stylistic perfection of the attendees and their skills at synchronized dancing rings familiar. I really appreciate it when people follow a theme and dress to the 9s; effort is so often seen as uncool these days, no?


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