Passion Is The Best Makeup

Despite my lack of skills in the makeup department I get asked about my products and routine often enough I decided to make a brief video highlighting my daily pattern. I'm pretty light with the makeup touch (other than eyeliner which more depends on my mood) and apply nearly everything with my fingertips. For a more dramatic look I'll wear a matte red lipstick or add eyeshadow and mascara, but most days it's just what you see in the video above. The video isn't the best quality, but I thought it was better to share it now and work on creating a better version later than putting it off and putting it off! Anyway, if you've been curious now you have answers. Basically I use:
-Chanel Perfect Lumiere foundation
-Makeup Forever full coverage pink porcelain (for trouble spots or the circles around my eyes!)
-Nars blush in orgasm
-Buxom white eyeliner
-Lancome noir eyeliner
-Tarte lip tint in matte rose or creme in love



  1. @Anonymous, no not unless it's summer and I spend all day outside.

  2. What music is playing? The song is so catchy!

  3. @Angela, The Sun The Trees by Russian Red--great singer :)

  4. Beautiful!:)

    And just out of curiosity, do you dye your hair? My complexion is very similar to yours and I have been trying to go red -- but all the colors I have tried so far have turned out too purple-y.

  5. @Abby, yes I dye though it's really faded out mostly now. I go to a pro tho, so I don't really know about the color number/name. Usually it's actually a brownish red dye and then they add copper to the basic mix (from what I understand).

  6. Great was awesome because it was so short too :) haha, I have no attention span :p But, I really liked seeing what makeup you used!

  7. you're so cute!
    (I'm sure i'm not the first person who tells you that!)

  8. Thanks for the makeup video! I love simple makeup routines and it was fun to see yours. :) That blush looks great on you--I might check it out, I've been thinking about switching up my blush. I envy your skill applying that eyeliner! I've been wearing eyeliner every day for years and I still can't apply it as quickly or smoothly as you do, haha.

  9. You are so skilled at the cat eye! I cannot seem to make it work, or even get both eyes to look the same! What shade of the Chanel foundation do you use? I am extremely fair/pale/pinkish and have always had a hard time finding a light enough foundation without resorting to mixing with clown makeup lol.


    chelsea @

  10. The Lancôme artliner is THE BEEEST. It was recommended to me years ago, I've tried a few other things because the Lancôme liner is a bit pricier, but it's definitely the best eyeliner I've ever used


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