Sikka is a sculptural video installation by Daniel Canogar constructed from 360 used DVDs. It's inspired by “sikka” the gold coins sewn to clothing dating back to Babylonic times that eventually became the shiny plastic objects we know today as sequins. The composition and colors in the piece ends of resembling stained glass windows--making what would be discarded objects resemble something beautiful and almost sacred. Historically, sikka were worn to remind onlookers of the wealth and power of those wearing them while also evoking the light of the divine. Similarly, the surfaces of the DVDs flash back at us images born from the glamorous world of Hollywood where image is converted to a kind of currency.



  1. wow this project is stunning! just imagine how awesome it looks like in reality, not only on photos <3 woah !

  2. It reminds me of an installation we have in one of our galleries at school right now. Someone laid out a long sheet of foil and stuck a fan next to it. The lights bounce off it and look like the water reflections you see when you're at the bottom of a pool! It's so pretty.



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