New Look

Du Juan looks gorgeous in these images for Numero China photographed by Yin Chao. The photographs echo the work of Willy Maywald (best known for being Dior's in-house photographer) quite beautifully. Christian Dior's debut haute couture collection cemented him as the father of the 1940s "New Look" which was defined by full, mid-calf to floor length skirts, small structured waist lines, a large bust and a gentle sloping shoulder. Dior wasn't the first to create this silhouette which was already nostalgic and caused public outcry since it debuted shortly after the second World War. Rations were still ever-present in people's minds and women had become accustomed to a more comfortable, boxy, and more prudent shape. Of course, the so-called "New Look" is even more dated to our eyes now, but evokes a bygone sense of glamour some wish we could reclaim. Regardless, the above editorial pays beautiful homage to the style. 


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