No Trespassing

I shot at this abandoned barn last summer with my friend Jon. It was one of our first shoots together and it didn't really go that smoothly. It was a really hot day and I had visited the location once before on my own and had a lot of ideas in mind that I failed to communicate properly. This shoot went much smoother and was over really quickly--we both had busy days and these snaps at the barn were just quick shots before moving on to less fun things.
I'd definitely like to find more abandoned places to visit this summer. Abandoned places can be a bit scary though. I chatted with someone who lives near this abandoned barn before because there are no trespassing signs around this area (but they specifically state no trespassing for gaming, trapped, hunting of any kind). He said no one would ever report me for taking pictures here, but that the buildings could be unstable so don't go inside. I think that is what most no trespassing signs are for in abandoned locations. They're still often private property, the landowners just aren't local or haven't figured out what to do with the location since it passed to their hands through one means or another. A no trespassing sign is a good way to cancel their liability if someone enters an unsafe location and injures themselves...But it still makes you nervous that you're entering a place obviously no one cares for because it's in ruins but you could still get yelled at or something. Anyway, moral of: want to explore abandoned places, but tend to chicken out.


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