A Picture An Hour

7:00AM Got up early for a walk and pictures before the heat of the day could strike.
8:00AM What I see when taking pictures most of the time.
9:00AM Snacking on berries and answering e-mails.
10:00AM Still locked to my computer editing photos.
11:00AM Grocery run.
12:00AM Made myself a decent lunch (for once).
1:00PM Out again to get my oil changed and pick up random stuff. A few weeks ago my father changed the emblem on my car to this sweet Batman one!
2:00PM Making a few more crepe paper flowers to add to my string lights so I can hang them.
3:00PM Watching X files while I do more work on my computer.
4:00PM Drawing a little to give my eyes a rest.
5:00PM The lights are hung!
6:00PM Forever finding little cut-out figures I haven't used yet on my floor.
7:00PM Dinner out with friends.
8:00PM Heading home.
9:00PM Finishing up the next day's posts.
10:00PM A little bit of reading before bed.
11:00PM Sleep.
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Michael said...

Of course, I have to ask: Which X-Files, and which book?

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Michael, Detour, season 5 ep 4 (one of the scariest when I was kid) and my sister gave me Franny & Zooey, so I'm reading that.

MarieBayArea said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Rebekah Kraft said...
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Rebekah Kraft said...

I always enjoy these posts, but I imagine they take longer to plan and photograph than one would expect!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Rebekah Kraft, not plan really because you're suppose to document rather than create, but it does become a hassle to have your camera with you everywhere. The trick is to take more than one picture an hour so you have options when you post.

Mariana Machado said...

Which program is that one you're editing your photos?

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Mariana Machado, iPhoto

Nadia Dwifortuna said...

oh great pictures :) love your blog ^^


Meghan Elizabeth said...

How fun, I love this type of post <3