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Unlike my usual lazy preference I did actually iron this dress...not that you can tell since it ended up being quite wrinkly by the time I took pictures. Really makes the effort seem rather pointless. I suppose everything is like that in the end--you wash clothes and you just end up having to wash them again, dusting is never complete, cooking is an endless cycle and so on. We don't make an effort knowing it won't have to be repeated but rather because we ourselves are worth the effort. If I want good food or to live in a clean home I know ultimately it's up to me. I suppose I'll keep ironing so I can at least start the day off fresh-faced and wrinkle free...



  1. Yep, I don't even own an iron currently. Which most of the time isn't a problem, except for two or three pesky clothing items that I own that just don't look right. :p

  2. In the second picture especially I noticed your eyes-- they are beautiful! They match your hair so well!

  3. This dress is super adorable :) I hate those clothes that wrinkle by just sitting! So annoying :P

  4. love that purse!


  5. Oh I have a dress like that! No matter how nice and ironed it is at the beginning of the day the skirt's always weird and wrinkly after only a few minutes of wear :p

  6. I feel the exact same way about ironing. And I will actually NOT buy a clothing item if it says 'hand-wash only' -- because it will never get washed. xx Abby

  7. Love the dress! Totally gorgeous! I like your hair colour :)

    Nice and Clean

  8. Don't you ever get spooked whenever you shoot in abandoned buildings? You always seem so calm in your photos.

  9. @Mariz Ponti, I was spooked a bit at the abandoned theme park I went too--it makes a lot of weird noises. Abandoned barns are usually small, well lit and not making weird noises so there isn't too much to spook you. Also, I go to the same ones every once in awhile--so I've gone to this one too many times to get nervous now. :)


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