I Don't Need To Wear Vintage

Stylist Natalie Joos behind Tales of Endearment was recently given access to Diane von Furstenberg's personal archive and the result is this dreamy, print-loaded editorial shot at the designer's own estate. The editorial is accompanied by Joos' personal story of the day--of getting stopped at the intimidating metal gates limiting access to Furstenberg's estate named "Cloudwalk." It is this personal story that Tales of Endearment is known for. Yes, the images are arresting but as I've mentioned before it's only part of the story. Digging through Furstenberg's archives ultimately leads to the question, "no vintage?" As Furstenberg changes from one outfit to another, the designer replied, "I don't need to wear vintage--I am vintage." A fitting line that would usually be lost in a sea of photographs.


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