A Bright Stain On The Vision

These pictures were a real headache to shoot, literally, or rather I had a migraine while I was shooting and it kept raining on me off and on. I'd basically shoot a couple of pictures and when the rain picked up I'd huddle under a large, nearby tree and wait for it to quit. I was slightly trapped because I had left my umbrella in my car and walked a decent distance without it--the weather forecast hadn't called for storms. Which means I ended up with far better pictures of the roses and raindrops than myself. It's a glamorous life snapping pictures of yourself between post office runs. At least the weather meant the park was empty and I survived the migraine and the morning.


Anonymous said...

Time to paint your hair again

Aneirys Acevedo said...

Your hair is lovely♥ Love the dress and the flower with raindrop photos.

Awkward Heart♥

Andrea Clare said...

you shoot yourself?! how do you have the patience to do that?!? haha


MarieBayArea said...

So sorry about your migraine. I hope you don't get them often.

I love the back of that dress.

Mani said...

I've never been a huge fan of gladiator sandals, but you pull them off well! These pictures turned out lovely, by the way :) Hope your migraine is better now!

ftashion said...

Those gladiators are to die for! Your dress looks so pretty too!