Lady's Mile

These pictures were taken in the woods surrounding an old manor house; the path roughly a mile long is called the 'ladies mile' since walking it was how the ladies of house would get their regular exercise. Much more preferable than a gym visit or those dreaded laps you had to take around the football field in school, if you ask me. As you can see the trees are slow to relinquish their leaves and change colors, but there is evidence of fall littered on the floor of the forest even if the trunks are green with moss and a full canopy above shields you from the sun. It's much more fall-like in temperatures here than it is in Pennsylvania and I do wish things would look a little more autumnal since I'm already dealing with the colder weather. On the upside, Thomas introduced me to my latest addiction--hot water bottles. I wouldn't mind carrying one around in my coat on chilly days instead of just using it to warm my toes when I get home...

Outfit details:
Puloma hair clip
old tights (similar color)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. The dress, with the shoes and tights, and with the scenery. Fabulous.

  2. You look divine in green. I actually thought your dress was vintage until going to link. It is lovely! Also loving your hair red and how it matches your tights and the forest floor.

  3. :O Oh my word you've never known the bliss of hot water bottles before, oh and also you can get these little mini hot water bottle type things that you carry around in your pocket, you 'click' them and they heat up, so you can actually carry a hot water bottle around with you, well sort of. :)

  4. that dress is so beautiful! love it


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  5. goodness me, what a pretty sight. that majestic shot of the trees with tiny little you is absolutely breathtaking.

  6. I think you are beautiful, the dress is beautiful and the forest is beautiful. And I really like that color of tights with that green. :)

  7. oh, love the velvety bows on the back! very nice detail. and $33 ain't bad either! ;)

  8. I'm so in love with the second last picture. It's a story in and of itself! :)

  9. I come here for the photos. Your depth in color and contrast always amaze and excite me. I think you do a fantastic job of the styling as well, don't get me wrong, but your photography sets you apart.


  10. The bow detail at the back of the dress is beautiful. Green suits you well, especially with the red hair.

  11. One of the loveliest looks i've seen on you (:


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