Rebecca Of Brookvale Farm

While I've been made to feel quite at home you can't really help but smile at how incongruous my style looks with my surroundings--I daresay the cows were staring as they aren't accustomed to visitors in heels and autumnal headwreaths. However, Timmy (the cat) was not thrown off by my appearance and rubbed up against my leg as friendly as could be, after I made the mistake of petting him he trailed behind us meowing loudly and walking into all the shots we took around Thomas's home. This cat has become one of my favorite subjects on Instagram since he pulls the funniest faces all of the time. As I was going through today's pictures I kept thinking about how much fun my family would have here. There are beautiful places to hike or walk and the stars are so bright on a clear night you can see the Milky Way, but even more than that one of the favorite vacations my family took was to a dairy farm when I was very little. I don't remember much of it since it took place when we lived in Germany and I wasn't even in kindergarten yet, but the rest of my family fondly remembers a couple of nights spent on a working farm--my sisters got to help make cheese. It's the sort of vacation that might sound strange to an outsider but somehow entered into family legend as being idyllic. Anyway, this isn't a dairy farm but it has been a really enjoyable stay so far.

Outfit details:
Gardens of Whimsy headband
vintage belt
Seychelles oxfords
*pictures by Thomas


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