Reddening October Trees

While I've gone pumpkin-picking with friends back in Pennsylvania for a couple of years now it's been awhile since I actually carved a pumpkin--they look quite festive without any embellishment and if I did back any alterations it was usually just cutting a hole in the top to steal the seeds for baking. Everything has been feeling marvelously Halloween-festive lately though and I finally carved a pumpkin with a face; I went the traditional route and since a four-year-old voted my pumpkin the best I get to feel superior to the other pumpkin-carvers...There will definitely be more carving and perhaps a little seed eating tonight along with piles of candy because when you're an adult you don't have to troll through neighborhoods in hopes of a few candy bars but can buy as many as you want at the store. One of the few perks of adulthood (then comes the dentist bill)...

Outfit details:
Family Affairs dress (sold out)
old tights (similar)
*pictures by Thomas


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