You know when you put on an outfit and everything just "goes" and there's that sense of invincibility because you won't be adjusting your top or hoping the place you're headed is warm so you can shed your mis-match coat which makes your sparkly accessories seem so out-of-place? This is one of those outfits for me. I started with my new rings from BERRICLE; sparkly and silvery they demanded an equally decadent outfit--and this dress which seems wonderfully flapperish fit the bill nicely. While my tulip ring and eternity ring are ruby based I went with basic white and my favorite shade of blue for the rest of my outfit. What I enjoy the most though, is how adding an oversized brooch to this coat made it instantly dressy--for once I have a cozy layer suitable for the late fall temperatures that still feels suitably glamorous. I always loathe that moment when I put together a great outfit for a party and have to throw on a basic cardigan or casual coat to survive the current weather. It's like cooking a beautiful meal and having to serve it on paper plates. I'd like my carefully prepared meals served on Delftware, if that's possible. Anyway, this outfit was for me one of those ones where everything feels right.

Outfit details:
Sheinside coat (w/ brooch from another dress)
Seychelles heels (old, similar)


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