A Modest Paradise

As much as I appreciated Thomas's help with photographs while I was in Northern Ireland, I've really enjoyed getting back into the process of taking my own pictures. Sure, it is easier to just stand there and get your picture taken, but it doesn't allow for much creativity. When someone else takes my picture as much as I try to dictate the artistic direction from the wrong side of the camera, I'm mostly a mannequin. When I take my own picture I'm more like the nearest available model and photographer. I get to compose my own shots, play with the camera settings, and appreciate my surroundings in a new way. For example: this is merely a parking lot near some of the trails I like to walk; usually I park my car and head off into the woods but on this day I was struck by how pretty the shadows were striping the pavement and fallen leaves. If I tried to tell someone who was helping me take photographs that I was feeling inspired by a stretch of pavement, I'd probably just get a confused expression and promptly get dragged to another location...


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