In some ways I'm counting down the days until spring and looking forward to when it's not quite so brisk outside while I take pictures and in other ways I never want this winter wonderland to disappear. All of my favorite spots are completely transformed and I don't always live somewhere with a white winter. Anyway, I've been pulling out one of my vintage purses more lately and getting closer and closer to looking like a batty old lady…which is a very good thing.



  1. I love that purse! It's so frustrating that most of the things I see you wearing that I love, I scroll down to see when I can find them and BAM it's always vintage :( guess I need to spend more time in thrift shops...

  2. Another wintry post! Would never want all these winter wonderland photos to end. But of course, spring is coming soon. By the way, you look lovely even though you're bundled up.

  3. That coat is lovely. Still waiting on just a little snow where I am. Maybe someday soon...

    ~K |

  4. that coat is gorgeous!



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