I'm getting a bit addicted to this knit headband. It's perfect because I can wear my hair in ponytail so it's even lower maintenance than throwing on a hat and worrying about what my head looks like once the hat is removed indoors. Also new-to-me is a photo editing program: Lightroom. I've worked with the free iPhoto program that comes with Macs since my first Apple product many moons ago, but I finally decided to invest in a program and play around with editing more. So far I've only been messing around with colors, so if my pictures look like negatives that were soaked in a lake before being developed, you know why. Despite photographing myself for the blog on a regular basis I'm really untrained in this area; learning to take pictures through trial and error while slowly working with better and less basic cameras, and now editing my photographs will be the same hit-and-miss process. Every time I think I take a decent photograph I see the work of some fifteen year old on the other side of the country and cringe at my own shots a little. Perhaps 2014 will also be the year I find more willing subjects to practice on!

Outfit details:
UO headband
Anthropologie jacket (similar)
suede skirt (similar)
old tights (similar)
Zara purse


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