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While summer always seems to afford more time for hobbies, such as reading, I find myself engaging in them more in the winter. Perhaps it is due to summer's temperate climate and the ease of so many activities; the sun sets lay and outdoor activities don't lead to numb limbs so you're never in too much of a hurry to get back inside and pick up a book or make art. So, it's usually on dreary winter days that I choose to curl up with a nice book and cozy blanket. Of course we don't really have more time in summer or winter, but rather we make decisions every day on how to use the time we're given. Even one chapter at night before bed is a few pages you would have missed out on otherwise. Interestingly enough, while sitting at home with a book might seem anti-social there was a recent study that states reading improves social skills. The type of book does matter, researchers say that literary fiction often "leaves more to the imagination, encouraging readers to make inferences about characters and be sensitive to emotional nuance and complexity." I suppose this means I should consider trading in my book of poems for something more substantial...

Outfit details:
vintage dress
Seychelles wedges (old)



  1. Cute outfit x

  2. I love the colors in that outfit! Your coat is so perfect! And reading is easily one of my favorite activities, I love getting so into a book it's hard to tear away from it.

  3. Was going to ask where the dress was from...should have guessed vintage!!


  4. You're definitely channeling a storybook character here. The dress and coat are perfect together.

  5. Cute outfit!

    Emma x

  6. gorgeous look!


  7. I have a lot of reading-related stress (am I reading enough?!??! etc), and I find poetry easier to relax with sometimes. Social skills be damned! Heh.

  8. that jacket is gorgeous!



  9. I've never really been fond of reading in the summertime! There's always more to do outside, and the idea of rugging up with a book and hot drink when it's cold seems so much funner. I really love the outfit and how it subtly coordinates with your book, by the way :)

  10. While it may not improve social skills, the poetry of the Brownings sure is enjoyable to read, especially a few pages before bed.

  11. Back when I read Cosmos by Carl Sagan a year ago, there was a sudden change in my art. Without realizing it, space had become an on-going theme in my paintings. It's awesome how books can have this effect on us!
    I have also found that if I am reading a book with a confident character in it, I tend to feel more confident as well. Putting oneself completely into the character, empathizing with the situations, both of these seem to be part of the influence.

  12. I feel like that statement could be true for just about anything you choose to read. After all, we choose what and how much substance we take and how much we can identify with any type of book. Personally, I would think a book of poems would open up greater ideas in the mind that can be applied to personal and social situations than literary fiction since there's so much more personal interpretation involved. Then again, I'm no expert. ;)

  13. I love this look, that coat is so pretty!

  14. OMG, I just love love love this outfit. :)
    It's so cute and colourful.
    Love your hair oo!
    This whole outfit is so... you. :)

    Sienna x x x

  15. Oh my, I have fallen in love with this coat. Might just need to be an early Christmas gift to myself. Winter is the perfect time for slowing down and focusing on life's simple pleasures like reading...


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