When temperatures plummet into the single digits I do still often have to venture outside, but pictures in the great outdoors are definitely unadvisable. It is the sort of weather for staying in and reading; I'm started my re-read of The Lord of the Rings and enjoying my first zine--it's such a thrill to have something I wanted for so long in my hands. Anyway, here's another little room tour, it's not as complete as my first one, but it does afford me an excuse to stay inside just a little bit longer. It is winters like these that make me glad I don't stay in one place for too long--hopefully my next home will have a little less snow outside of it...
*bowling pin I spray-painted as a trophy with a new oversized necklace from Choies
*just received this birdcage keepsake board ℅ Modcloth, perfect for postcards from friends
*pointe shoes from when I danced
*tutorial on crepe paper flowers here

Outfit details:


Aldana said...

Lovely pics <3. I like everything. And these outfits are perfects <3

Nikki Williams said...

your space is gorgeous!



Elizabeth Daisy. said...

This post is so pretty lovely, I love all the photographs! Thanks for sharing a delightful room tour

Elizabeth x


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous photos!!


Marina said...

Ah! :D
Are those yellow books German Reclam-Hefte? :D

Sienna Rose said...
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Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Marina, no they're vintage National Geographics. :)

Sienna Rose said...

I soooo adore this post. :)
It's so lovely, girly and warm.
Actually, I'd had an idea before I read this, that you might have been a dancer as you've got such a delicate figure and I guess I wasn't wrong!

I wonder, how long did you do ballet?

Have a fab weekend, love!

Sienna xxx

Miss Ecl said...

I'm in love with your style, your pictures and your room <3