I didn't start reading fashion magazines until my senior year of high school, so perhaps that is why certain images from magazines in that year are burned so permanently into my mind. I can still remember that exciting feel of looking at a fashion magazine and feeling incredibly inspiring by the editorials--a feeling I rarely experience when I look at magazines today. But anyway, I remember one issue featured a red bucket purse with dozens of keychains hanging off of the straps. I wanted that purse and I wanted those keychains but the purse was out of my budget and I never found cool keychains I wanted to collect. So flash to many years later and I stumbled across these keychains at Urban Outfitters and I started eyeing my red purse sitting by my window and decided to start to recreate the image from that magazine I still can't forget...



  1. Reading this has made me go back - waaaaaaay back - in time, to my first fashion mag, I was 12 years old, it was Elle France Spécial Beauté, with Estelle Lefebvre on the cover, wearing a very flashy make up - it was the 80's - in tones of butter yellow, cotton candy pink and fuchsia. I never forgot that cover, I never forgot the contents of that mag, and I remember having felt the sam excitment and inspiration with each and every editorial in the fashion mags I bought, for years on end, up 'till the time I was about 25, 26 years old. Now I don't feel inspired by fashion mags anymore... and I wonder if I'm the problem, or if the mags are the problem...

  2. so adorable!!


  3. Very cute! In love with this sweater ahh


  4. Love the hat and the whole look. You are right about magazine editorials gone downhill. I used to work for fashion magazines IPC and the budgets have been slashed. Further more the marketing people have taken over and they don't allow creative design to flourish.


  5. Maybe you'll like this video from Garance Doré, she plays around with the Lady Dior Bag and it's super fun to see how it changes :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqKBUbZUTuY

  6. I know exactly how you feel when you talk about those bits of inspiration :)
    you look beautiful and lovely as always

  7. Your sweater reminds me of the bg to your blog - cute!

  8. I'm just now getting into the world of fashion (tentatively, ohp) and your blog is helping me explore it more. The whimsy of your photos is something that pushes me to practice my own photos more. Sorry for the overly gushy comment haha.

  9. that beanie is too cute!



  10. It's funny how things stick in our mind like that. I sometimes catch myself still wishing for something I wanted a long time ago :) Love the bag and how you added a personal twist!


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